Home Dialysis

Our daily home hemodialysis program is designed to provide patients with flexibility and portability which are not possible in a conventional outpatient dialysis clinic. Affiliated Dialysis Centers provides the equipment, supplies and training needed for patients to safely dialyze in the comfort of their own private residence.

Our program offers the NxStage dialysis machine, a leading technology in home dialysis.  The NxStage machine is small and compact, easy-to-use, and doesn’t require special water or electrical connections.  The machine’s small size and portability provide flexibility in lifestyle, work, and travel without the restrictive schedule of an out-patient dialysis clinic.

Home dialysis is a rapidly growing treatment option offering real advantages and convenience for those patients who can be trained to manage their treatment at home.  Our experienced clinical team provides patients and their care partners the training, knowledge and support to safely perform dialysis at home.