Executive Management


Steven C. Bucher, M.B.A., C.P.A.Co-Founder and Chairman
Steven Bucher is a Co-Founder and the Chairman of Affiliated Dialysis Centers.  Prior to Affiliated Dialysis Centers, Mr. Bucher was President and CEO of Midwest Kidney Centers, a regional dialysis company serving nearly 1,000 patients. Mr. Bucher is a member of the National Renal Administrators Association, and a past member of its board. He has played an active role in working with CMS and has served as Chair of the Nursing Home Dialysis Task Force commissioned by the NRAA to assist in the creation of new CMS Conditions for Coverage for ESRD patients residing in skilled nursing facilities.


Curt AnlikerCo-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Curt Anliker is a Co-Founder and the CEO of Affiliated Dialysis Centers. Mr. Anliker has 25 years of management experience in operations, business development, and sales and marketing.  He has led the company in the development and implementation of successful physician joint ventures, outpatient dialysis clinics, and nursing home dialysis programs. As an active member of the National Renal Administrators Association, Mr. Anliker is an industry advocate for developing daily home dialysis programs and for enabling convenient dialysis treatment solutions for ESRD patients.


Scott Vavrinchik, Chief Marketing Officer
Scott Vavrinchik serves as Chief Marketing Officer for Affiliated Dialysis Centers. Mr. Vavrinchik has served the dialysis industry for over 30 years in various business development, marketing, and customer relationship management capacities.  Prior to joining Affiliated Dialysis Centers he served as Executive Director of Sales for Vasca, Inc., and Vice President of Sales for Spectra Laboratories. Mr. Vavrinchik serves on a number of dialysis-related and community boards.


Susan MarkovichChief Clinical Officer
Susan Markovich
MBA, RN, CNN serves as the Chief Clinical Officer for Affiliated Dialysis Centers and has over 30 years in nursing and over 20 years of experience in the dialysis industry in varying capacities. Prior to joining Affiliated Dialysis Centers, she served as Director of Operations for Fresenius Medical Care, Clinical Specialist for the Arrow International Vascular Access Division, Clinical Training Specialist/Content Designer and Facility Administrator for Davita.


Tyson Aschliman, Chief Operating Officer
Tyson Aschliman joined Affiliated Dialysis Centers in 2016 and serves as Chief Operating Officer.  Mr. Aschliman has over a decade of management experience in the areas of process, operational efficiency, and organizational improvement.  Prior to coming to the dialysis industry, he worked in the manufacturing industry, where he led critical business development, sales and marketing efforts as well as managed large-scale operations.


Kathy HockingChief Compliance Officer
Kathy Hocking,
RN, MBA, CNN serves as Corporate Clinical Advisor of Affiliated Dialysis having more than 35 years hemodialysis experience functioning in many facets of patient care, education and various administrative roles. Prior to joining the company in 2009 was employed by several hospital programs, Midwest Kidney Centers, Renal Care Group and Carle Clinic.